Wet Exhaust Systems

Scoop design for underwater outlet 

When an underwater outlet is applied, the back pressure of the exhaust system will greatly increase. This because of the fact that exhaust gasses have to go through a wall of water.

In order to reduce the back pressure caused by the underwater outlet, Axces is able to design and produce an exhaust “scoop”. The scoop creates a vacuum when the vessel is sailing. This vacuum creates the effect that exhaust gasses will be pulled out of the outlet pipe, greatly reducing the overall back pressure.

Wet Exhaust System

Exhaust gas Cooling

For yachts with an exclusive and durable coating system, it is of great importance that the exhaust gasses , which are leaving the outlet in the ship’s hull are cooled down.Exhaust Gas Flow

By spraying seawater under great amount of pressure, into the streamline of the exhaust gas flow, the hot exhaust gasses are immediatley cooled down to less than 70 °C over a length of around 1 meter piping length.

In order to manage this controlled process for variable outputs of the power of the engine, Axces has a test facility to study the optimum procedures in cooling of exhaust gas by spraying seawater.

Tests are performed regarding the pump capacity and its work pressure, the unique spraying angle, its amount of waterflow and the invidual temperature and pressure drop. 

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