Dry Exhaust Silencer

15 YEars of experience

With more than 15 years of experience in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of exhaust silencers, Axces has created a database of standardized exhaust silencers. Ranging from absorption silencers for small diesel engines which are used in pleasure craft, to high performance silencers to be used in noise critical installations such as yachts. Of course, all our silencers can be supplied with Type Approved Spark Arrestors.

Besides the standard range of silencers, Axces makes 80% of all of its silencers based upon the client’s specifications. These can range from a simple angular inlet to a complete exhaust system solution designed to achieve specific benchmarks.

With ever stricter regulations regarding noise and emission pollution, Axces has acquired CFD analyses software which is used to design systems while accounting for:

  • Tailpipe Noise
  • Flow Induced Noise
  • Body Radiated Noise
  • Pressure Loss over the complete system
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Heat radiation of the system
  • Reduction in Vibration transferred to the structure


Integrated silencer + SCR system

Moving forward towards a clean future and in-line with current EPA Cl'd IMO standards. regulating the release of harmful NOx compounds from exhaust systems. The integrated SCR/silencer reactor is a novel solution making Axces a market leader in this field. The new IDE - NOx reactor can be swapped with the existing noise reduction elements.

This upgrade of reactor leads to a reduction in the release of toxic NOx compounds through selective catalytic reduction, at the same time operates as a exhaust silencer. 


custom made solutions

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standard range exhaust silencers

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