The year 2021 of The Axces Group - great projects and big achievements

And again, the year 2021 was a challenge because of COVID-19, but we were able to ...

December 2021
Axces Emission Technology - MarineDeal News 2021
In cooperation with PE-GU Maritime Ltd. we are featured in the August 2021 edition of MarineDeal News!
August 2021
TIMAC AGRO BeLux by The Axces Group
For the TIMAC AGRO BeLux project Axces B.V., Axces Emissions Technology and Axces Industrial Stacks joined forces.
June 2021
Approved SCR Systems by Bureau Veritas
We are very proud that Axces is registered on the Bureau Veritas list of approved SCR systems!
March 2021


The year 2020 of The Axces Group - highlights of the year
Although 2020 was a challenging year because of COVID-19, The Axces Group had a number of highlights:
December 2020
New partnership with Vision Gulf General Trading LLV (VGT) 
We are very pleased to inform you that Vision Gulf General Trading LLV (VGT) has been appointed as Exclusive Distributor.
December 2020
Extension of transitional arrangement Stage V (EU 2016/1628)
"Last week the European Commission decided to extend part of the transitional arrangement as described in EU2016/1628 (Stage V).
May 2020
Welding qualifications according to the ASME regulations
To extend Axces’ capabilities our production workshop has now obtained the welding qualifications according to the ASME regulations.
June 2020
Cooperation with PureteQ - PureteQ Scrubbers
The Axces group is pleased to inform you that we have a cooperation agreement with PureteQ to market PureteQ scrubbers within the Benelux demand.
May 2020
Axces Emission Technology - customized solutions
Axces Emission Technology advises and assists you where necessary in the realization of a customized after-treatment system for any power and ...
May 2020 
Internally mounted flange facing machine
An internally mounted flange facing machine using fixed gears to produce 6 auto-feed continuous groove gramophone finishes according to ASME Standard.
May 2020
Exhaust Systems for 33MW Emergency Power of a Nuclear Powerplant
Axces has designed, engineered and produced the five complete air intake and exhaust systems for 20MW Emergency Power of a Nuclear Powerplant. 
April 2020


Axces Production Hall
This week we visited the production hall of the Axces Group with Q.E. International / Axces Steam and Flow Control B.V. in Poland.
December 2019
Happy holidays
Thank you very much for the pleasant cooperation over the past year and we are looking forward to 2020! We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful ...
December 2019
Axces Industrial Stacks
Axces Industrial Stacks designs custom chimneys for every project in types. All our products are with Certification EN 13084-7 and / or EN 1090-2.
November 2019
Acquisition announcement
We are pleased to announce that effective April 5, 2019 Axces Holding B.V. will be acquiring Q.E. International B.V. 
April 2019