Axces Industrial Stacks designs and manufactures all kinds of custom-made chimneys and steel constructions. Whether you need a chimney for a boiler, heat exchanger, gas, bio or diesel engine or any other industrial process, you have come to the right place.


For the design of a chimney Axces makes use of data and information determined together with the client and relevant design codes such as Eurocode or ASTM STS 1. Based on the project details below, Axces can make a complete design and supervise the project.

  • Location - where is the project located to determine the wind load and possible earthquake risks
  • Architectural or personal wishes of the client
  • Specific project information such as is it new or existing building/installation
  • Processes that create exhaust, smoke or process gases
  • Chemical data and technical data to determine a suitable material for a long service life

Axces has an answer available for every complex emission problem. Every chimney is custom-made and no chimney is the same. To give you an idea what kind of chimneys Axces designs and manufactures:

  • Single/Double wall freestanding chimneys
  • Single/Double wall guided chimneys
  • Industrial steel structures
  • Anti vibration silencers
  • Integrated SCR / Sound Absorbers
  • Prefabricated chimney elements


For clients who produce and own a steel or stainless steel fabrication workshop Axces has the BYOS (Build Your Own Stack) program. For more information click here.


Axces is certified to design and manufacture chimneys according to EN 13084-7, you receive a CE marking on all parts. All parts are manufactured in our own workshop. Steel constructions and platforms are manufactured according to EN 1900-2 exc. 2 or 3. Our welds according to EN 3834-2. Our QA includes ISO 9001:2015, certified level II and level III inspectors.

Here you can find the Industrial Stacks certificates.




The specialty of the Axces Group is chimney/steel constructions with integrated silencers and/or SCR systems to comply with emission regulations up to and including STAGE V. In Axces’ latest development we incorporate SCR / DPF in a silencer while the silencer and chimney are freestanding. Axces is very proud to be the only company in the world to supply a freestanding silencer/chimney combination complete with CE marking on all parts.

Axces designs single or multiple flue gas free standing steel constructions, welded or fully bolted into a mecano-system. Advantages for steel constructions over cylindrical chimneys are:

  • Low costs for the foundation because there is only a normal load on the foundation and no bending moment
  • No need for tuned mass damper
  • Modular parts max. length 6 meters stackable up to 30 meters
  • One or multi flue adaptable, standard elements or custom-made chimneys
  • Minimal transport costs as a package for normal truck transport
  • Low costs for assembly and cranes
  • No specialists needed for the assembly
  • Smaller mast constructions can be mounted on resin anchors; no anchor baskets, no control or co-ordination costs and always fit

Axces has a lot of experience with all kinds of silencer/stack combinations, freestanding, in a steel construction or combined exhaust on a central column. Axces designs the system silencers and stacks to exactly the desired dimensions so that an optimal solution can be found. 

Axces has the best technique for a low engine noise level, where the dimensions are limited to the size of the container. The correct dimensions ensure that the speed in the chimney and the burst does not exceed the maximum pressure drop. There are unlimited possibilities in combinations of carbon steel and stainless steel.  Full dynamic behavioural calculations and dynamic shock absorption are included. The materials for different conditions also play a role in preventing condensation or corrosion problems. These problems can be, for example, incoming rain leading to corrosion by the acid gases. 

Platforms and ladders can be pre-assembled to ensure a perfect fit. In addition, Axces also provides easy-to-handle parts on sliding windows to unload containers using only a forklift truck and a small crane. The maximum weight of these parts can be adapted to the available crane in the project.




Please feel free to contact us for more information.