The Axces Group consists of several Axces divisions working closely together to bring you the best possible solution in exhaust systems. Each Axces division has profound knowledge and experience in its own specialty and is equipped with the best tools to apply that knowledge.

All are focussed and highly specialized around the design, engineering, production, and fitting of exhaust gas systems for use in the Marine, Industrial, and Energy markets. Whether you choose complete Fully- Integrated Exhaust Systems, Water Injected Exhaust Systems, Emission Control, or more limited solutions, you will always benefit from Axces’ competence and knowledge!

Because Axces is present worldwide, the Axces Group through cooperation between the different parts has always quick access to the latest technologies. This means Axces can deliver the best possible exhaust system for every conceivable situation for the lowest price possible and at the best conditions.


To provide a complete variety of products and services, controlling the output of all flue gasses. Based on Noise & Vibration, Emission Reduction, Diffusing,  Flow Guiding, Construction, and Heat Transmission. The vision statement provides a unique and complete scope of these skills via integrated, custom-built, and total solutions.


Provide a complete and unique portfolio covering all the skills needed to control the output of flue gasses toward its customers by innovative and integrated solutions.


Provide an overview and perception of all topics and disciplines around the output of flue gasses, supported by the skills in the fields of teamwork, high performances, and effectiveness.



Axces Noise & Vibration
Dry Exhaust Silencers - Wet Exhaust Silencers - Flexible Suspension - Expansion Joints - any many more
Axces Emission Technology
SCR systems - DPF systems -  DOC systems - Silencer systems - Spark Arrestors
Axces Industrial Stacks
Industrial Chimneys - Steel Structures - Engineering
Axces Steam and Flow Control
Vent Silencers - Diffusers - Pulsation Dampeners - Inline Dampeners - Baffle Silencers - Exhaust Silencers - Separators
Axces Production Facility
Manufacturing of Exhaust systems, Industrial Stacks, and Emission systems


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