Industrial Stacks

Axces Industrial Stacks is responsible for the engineering, manufacturing and installation of custom made industrial chimneys, steel structures, chimney element systems and flue systems. 

  • Industrial Chimneys design
  • Engineering projects
  • Technical Support
  • Installation

Types of chimneys
In order to design a chimney Axces uses data and information which are determined together with the client. Design criteria can be based on location, with its own wind caracteristics, architectural or clients personal wishes on the visual aspect, the process(es) which create the exhaust, flue or process gasses, chemical data on which Axces determines the materials and corrosion allowance, technical data such as flow, temperature, pressure drop, heat balances, and emissions height. For each complicated emission problem Axces has an answer available.

Axces designs custom made chimneys for each project in types;

Design and codes
Chimneys and constructions are designed according to design codes and standards. Lots of countries have their own regulation and code we know our way in the web of regulations and codes. Examples of different design codes which can be used are:

  • National codes and standards
  • The Euro code (new code for Europe)
  • The DIN 4133 (German design code free standing chimneys)
  • The CICIND (International Committee on Industrial chimneys)

Axces has a lot of experience with all kinds of silencer/stack combinations, freestanding, in a steel construction or combined exhaust on a central column. The costs of a project can be dominated by transport costs. Axces designs the system silencers and stacks exactly to the required dimensions so that an optimal solution can be found:

  • The best technique for low engine sound level, with dimensions limited to the size of the container. The right dimensions to ensure that the velocity in the chimney and outburst will not exceed the maximum pressure drop
  • Unlimited possibilities in combinations of carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Complete dynamic behavioural calculations and dynamic shock absorption
  • Materials for different conditions to prevent condensate or corrosion problems
  • Solutions to prevent corrosion or incoming rain, which can lead to corrosion due to the acidulous gasses
  • Platforms and ladders can be pre-assembled to ensure perfect fitting
  • Easy to handle parts on sliding frames to unload containers with only a forklift truck and a small crane
  • Maximum weight of the parts can be adjusted to the available crane in the project

An optimal design for your containers results in the lowest costs per project. In the budget phase of the project, Axces can determine the number of containers to be used so that no surprises arise after the order has been placed.

For more information, you can download the brochure here.