emissions_1Integrated emission technology in exhaust systems

A unique combination is introduced, through a complete design, production and installation of fully integrated packages consisting of soot filters, catalysts, SCR systems and exhaust silencers.

Offering an all-inclusive manufacturer capable of designing and producing an integrated combination of both emission control and noise reduction in one package, according to future requirements, creates enormous added value for the market and end users.

As part of its mission to introduce a complete integrated solution, both in the field of emission and noise control, Axces has taken an important step by offering the market an all-inclusive exhaust system. It will result in an enormous improvement of the effectiveness in achieving efficient engine performance, through an optimal balance of flue gas emissions related to emission reduction and noise and vibration control.

In order to meet the increasing international emission requirements, there is a growing demand for customer-specific solutions for emission aftertreatment and associated noise control in exhaust systems. These strict emission requirements will give rise to a need for appropriate installation situations, compliance with maximum back pressure values and strict noise reduction in the exhaust systems. Axces therefore introduces its own complete design, production and installation of fully integrated packages of both soot filters, catalysts, SCR systems and exhaust silencers.

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Moving forward to IMO Tier III and in-line with current EPA and IMO standards, regulating the release of harmful NOx compounds from exhaust systems. The integrated SCR/silencer reactor is a noval solution making Axces a market leader in this field.

The new IDE - NOx reactor can very easily be swapped with the existing noise reduction elements. This upgrade of reactor leads to a reduction in the release of toxic NOx compounds through selective catalystic reduction. At the same time it operates as a exhaust silencer, with noise reduction of more than 45 dB(A).

To comply with the IMO Tier 3 NOx requirements the Axces modular Zero NOx System for diesel engines in generator set applications offers reliable reduction of NOx for certain Emission Control Area’s (ECA). The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) reduces NOx with use of UREA (Ad Blue) injection in the exhaust stream.

  • Both Inline and Compact IDE-NOx System available in every size engine room
  • It is possible to combine a customised Zero Soot Systems, to avoid guests experience particulates on deck, common diesel fuel in swimming water and diesel fuel smell
  • The Axces system range has been designed to form a match with the auxiliary and generators from 100 kW up to 8.000 kW
  • The PLC control ensures an smart trouble free operation for all available parameters, alarms & events, history and data logging
  • Integrated sound attenuation



Axces supplies solutions for reducing harmful Exhaust Emissions for power plants where strict emission requirements have to be met. Alongside its standard product range, Axces designs and manufactures tailor made emission reduction systems.


Axces Emission products are widely used in the maritime sector. In line with IMO Tier III and EPA Tier V, Axces SCR and DPF systems are ready for the future. From in land vessels, sea going vessels and coasters, Axces’ emission systems are suitable.

Reference: Yanmar / Axces Singapore
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Axces Emission Systems can be found in industrial applications around the world. For example in every imaginable application such as: incinerators, refineries, petrochemical facilities and power plants.

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Axces’ technology opens up a whole range of tailor made emission solutions for offshore supply vessels, oil and gas offshore platforms and drilling rigs.

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