Axces has a wide range that covers all applications and engine dimensions. These silencers are divided into series, depending on the application, damping technique and the desired damping levels.

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Engineering puts theory into practice. With a strong expertise in both acoustics and physics. Axces specializes in custom engineering, especially in the field of shipping, engine power, energy systems and automotive. When it comes to fully integrated exhaust systems for internal combustion engines, Axces covers every aspect that matters.
Axces is a single partner that offers customers everything they need, from the smallest accessory to fully customized solutions. Truly a one-stop-shop in industrial exhaust systems.


Axces supplies solutions for reducing noise for power plants where strict noise requirements have to be met. Alongside its standard product range, Axces designs and manufactures tailor made exhaust silencers.

Reference: Zwart Techniek


Axces products are widely used in the maritime sector. From large Navy vessels to small high speed patrol vessels, Axces is well known in the market and offers a wide range of all types of exhaust silencers.

Reference: Damen / Yanmar


Axces Exhaust System products can be found in industrial applications around the world. For example in every imaginable application such as: incinerators, refineries, petrochemical facilities and LNG plants.

Reference: Van Twist / Parijs Maas


Axces’ technology opens up a whole range of tailor made exhaust solutions for construction machines such as cranes, wheel loaders, crawler tractors, drilling rigs, telescopic handlers and dumper trucks.

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