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Sigma 10514 PKR

Tuesday, 02 August 2016 10:08 A3D
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AXCES has delivered all silencers for the first SIGMA 10514 PKR (build at DAMEN shipyard).

It consists of two 10,000kW maximum continuous rating (MCR) diesel engines,

and all 6 diesel generators.   

All delivered silencers fulfill enormous stringent noise requirements of this project.


First part of the project for Russian Nuclear Power Plant “Baltiyskaya” has supplied.

Tuesday, 02 August 2016 10:06 A3D
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First part of the project for Russian Nuclear Power Plant “Baltiyskaya” has supplied.

Axces has designed and produced the complete exhaust system & chimney.

This project was engineered according to the Safety class II for NPP and in conformity with the highest demands on welding standard.

Also there were made seismic analysis; sound prognoses and calculation of reliability of the supplied system.


AXCES on the Asia Pacific Maritime 2014 in Singapore

Friday, 07 March 2014 15:20 A3D
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Axces will attend the Asia Pacific Maritime 2014 in Singapore. (19-21 March 2014). You can find us at this exhibition booth H51 in the Basement (Level 2). More information can be found on the homepage of this exhibition.

Asia’s premier marine trade exhibition Hailed as the region’s premier maritime event, Asia Pacific Maritime (APM) 2014 showcases the world’s latest and best in marine engineering, port technology, shipbuilding, workboat and offshore segments. Celebrating its 13th edition, this one-stop market for the region’s maritime community offers a holistic business experience by combining a comprehensive exhibition with high-powered conferences and seminars.

As you source for products that will put your company at the forefront of the maritime business, APM also allows you to explore new international markets and grow your business globally through a host of networking sessions that connect Asia Pacific buyers with international maritime suppliers.

Seize this opportunity to create business exposure where over 900 leading international maritime exhibitors across 50 countries converge with over 9,000 Asian visitors at one of Asia's most established maritime event.

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Advantages of a SCR System With Integrated Silencer and Type Approved Spark Arrestor

Friday, 21 February 2014 09:41 A3D
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Advantages of a SCR System With Integrated Silencer and Type Approved Spark Arrestor

Moving forward towards 2016 and in-line with current EPA and IMO standards. regulating the release of harmful NOx compounds from exhaust systems.

The integrated SCR/silencer reactor is a novel solution making AXCES a market leader in this field. The new IDE - NOx reactor can be swapped with the existing noise reduction elements.

This upgrade of reactor leads to a reduction in the release of toxic NOx compounds through selective catalytic reduction, at the same time operates as a exhaust silencer.


Last Updated on Friday, 21 February 2014 10:38

Axces New business unit in Singapore

Thursday, 09 January 2014 15:49 A3D
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The AXCES Holding BV is pleased to announce that it is forming a joint venture company with KAWA. The new company will be called AXCES ASIA (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD.

The new company is formed because of synergies that both companies offer each other in the field of exhaust gas systems solutions within the marine and energy related industries.

Axces is a growing manufacturer in exhaust gas systems worldwide with its core business of Exhaust Gas Silencers and Emission After-treatment solutions for combustion engines.

The new company AXCES ASIA (SINGAPORE) will have its head office based in Singapore.

We are delighted now we can continuous offer our existing clients the truly competitiveness product ranges and services.

We are looking forward to developing new relationships with the extended client base.

For further information about the company please visit our websites:

SINGAPORE (608599)

Telephone: +65 6569-0570
Telefax: +65 6569-0592

Website: www.axces.sg
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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New Dutch website axces.nl

Tuesday, 25 June 2013 08:18 A3D
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Axces has launched a new website specialy for it's Dutch customers. You can fined this new Dutch website at axces.nl



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3D Model - Item Finder - Complete Exhaust System and Emission Technologies

Friday, 14 June 2013 12:15 A3D
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Axces is trying to make it easier for you to find the item / part of the exhaust system you are looking for, with a new Flash application. The base of this application is a interactive 3D Model of a complete exhaust system. Simply roll over the part in the system you want to know more about and more information will be directly presented to you.


3D Exhaust System

  • Start the 3D Model app.
  • In the application: point (roll over with your mouse) to the part you need/want more information about and a toolTip will appear and a window (in the menu part) will show you more information about the main category.
  • Clicking the model will bring you to the chosen item in the webshop.


3D Model in Exhaust System webshop

Last Updated on Monday, 17 June 2013 09:08

New "Complete Exhaust System webshop" online

Sunday, 26 May 2013 11:19 A3D
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AXCES’  new online webshop, has now been launched. This online facility – www.axces.com/shop – gives AXCES’ clients  direct access to more then 2.500  parts related to the exhaust gas  system. This site enables exhaust parts to be searched for and selected by goods and  direct quotes can be done online.




Webshop Announcement Flyer

Download the Webshop announcement Flyer (.pdf).






You can find all of our products, in our Webshop, with the 3D Model (Item Finder (Flash)), on the Product Page, and in the PDF files in the download section.

Last Updated on Monday, 29 July 2013 15:11

Subsidieregeling ‘Milieumaatregelen binnenvaart Zuid-Holland’ (NOx reductie)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013 11:43 A3D
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Rotterdams havengebied investeert 6,2 miljoen euro in schonere binnenvaart

Binnenvaartschippers die frequent in het Rotterdamse havengebied varen, kunnen vanaf 1 juli subsidie aanvragen voor maatregelen die de NOx  uitstoot van hun schip verminderen. De provincie Zuid-Holland, de gemeente Rotterdam en de stadsregio Rotterdam investeren stellen hiervoor 6,2 miljoen euro beschikbaar. De behaalde NOx reductie moet ervoor zorgen dat de luchtkwaliteit in de regio verbetert.

Scheepvaart en de NOx en fijnstof uitstoot

Ongeveer een kwart(25%) van de NOx-concentratie en circa 13 procent van de fijnstofconcentratie in het Rotterdamse havengebied is afkomstig van  de daar  rond varende schepen.

SCR-katalysator, dual fuel en LNG bedrijf

Binnenvaartondernemers met frequent werk in en om  het Rotterdamse havengebied kunnen een beroep doen op de subsidieregeling ‘Milieumaatregelen binnenvaart Zuid-Holland’. Maatregelen die substantieel de uitstoot van stikstofoxiden (NOx) terugdringen, komen in aanmerking voor subsidie. Bij aanschaf van NOx reducerende techniek zoals een SCR katalysator of ombouw naar (deels)LNG brandstof bedrijf kunnen aanschaf, onderhouds- en verbruikskosten worden gesubsidieerd. Meer informatie over de regeling vind u op www.noxvrij.nl.


Provinciaal Actieprogramma Luchtkwaliteit

De subsidieregeling is onderdeel van het regionaal samenwerkingsproject Verkeer en Luchtkwaliteit, een van de projecten uit het Provinciaal Actieprogramma Luchtkwaliteit. Hierin werken provincie, stadsregio en gemeenten samen aan schonere lucht door schoner verkeer en een schonere industrie.

Meer informatie en de documentatie treft u via de volgende link: www.noxvrij.nl


Ontvang nu geld voor NOx reductie

Indien u interesse heeft om een SCR katalysator te plaatsen om een nog groenere binnenvaart in de Rotterdamse regio te bewerkstelligen? Neem contact op met Axces te Tholen. Wij bekijken graag met u en uw motorservice partner of inbouwwerf  naar de mogelijkheden. Ook ondersteunen we u in de aanvraag voor gebruikmaking van deze regeling. Axces heeft met de IDENOx RA demper-katalysator vele maatwerkoplossingen beschikbaar voor nagenoeg ieder type binnenvaart schip.

Flyer -  Subsidie NOx




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